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Episode 32. Colombia (FARC, Paramilitarios and Cocaine)

In this episode, Michael Hilliard and our three guests take us to Colombia, a state in the unenviable position of neighbouring the deeply troubled Venezuela, working through decades long civil conflicts, and living alongside extraordinarily powerful drug cartels. Analysing how it will respond to these challenges requires an understanding of its history, economics, culture and the longer term geopolitical complications in the region. This episode tackles the implications of all of these factors and our experts analyse how Colombia might forge a path forward through these, in the midst and shadow of COVID-19.

Episode 03. Housing Crisis in Australia

Housing and shelter is one of the most basic needs a person has, but all around the world it is increasingly difficult for people to obtain a house of their own. The board is being stacked against many of us, and this may be the thing that brings the Australian economy down with it. Is there a recession coming in Australia? We pose this question to our expert guests.

Episode 02. West Papua (Bows Against Helicopters)

Only swimming distance from the borders of Australia lies the island of Guinea, where half the population is currently fighting to become free from an increasingly strict Indonesian government. It's an issue we need to talk about with helicopters, phosphorus and corruption all throughout, with people dying every day at the hand of one of our closest neighbors. This week we chat to 3 expert witnesses about the West Papuan movement.

Episode 01. Afghanistan (18 Years of War)

It has been 18 years since NATO declared war on Afghanistan, and what do we have to show for it? Where is the war at today? I'm joined by three expert witnesses who are going to give us Afghanistan's past, present and likely future.

Episode 07. Expert Predictions for 2020

2020 is set to be one of the most impactful years for human history, where we will make choices that will steer our future for a decade to come. With critical elections, wars, and crises set to shape the next 12 months, next year will be year will we discuss in history classes for generations. We sit down with three of the world's top experts to see what they think will be the biggest stories for 2020.

Episode 04. Yemen (A War for Chokepoints)

Yemen is currently the home to the worst humanitarian crisis of our time, with a civil war that has dragged in countries from all around the globe. This small desert country is now the 5-way battleground for the world's powers, with the world's oil routes at stake.

Episode 08. The Crossroads of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan stands at one of the most important decisions the country will ever make about its future, to look toward Moscow or to look toward Beijing.... The Kyrgyz people live upon some of the most important real estate in all of Asia, and now all the superpowers are beginning to compete for access to this vital crossroad.

Episode 06. Transnistria (Europe's Last Soviet Republic)

Between Moldova and Ukraine lies the breakaway republic of Transnistria the last nation to hold the hammer and sickle upon its flag, this unrecognized nation doesn't exist on any map but does hold the entire balance of power in Eastern Europe. This is the last barrier between the encroachment of the EU and the heartlands of Russia, so to better understand this breakaway republic we turn to 3 expert witnesses.