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Owen Swift

Episode 32. Colombia (FARC, Paramilitarios and Cocaine)

13 Dec 2020

In this episode, Michael Hilliard and our three guests take us to Colombia, a state in the unenviable position of neighbouring the deeply troubled Venezuela, working through decades long civil conflicts, and living alongside extraordinarily powerful drug cartels. Analysing how it will respond to these challenges requires an understanding of its history, economics, culture and the longer term geopolitical complications in the region. This episode tackles the implications of all of these factors and our experts analyse how Colombia might forge a path forward through these, in the midst and shadow of COVID-19.

Allison Fedirka:

Ted Piccone

Chris Sabatini:

The views and opinions expressed in this episode are solely those of Michael, our guests, and The Red Line podcast. They do not represent any government or organisation and are solely our own.

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