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Protests Across Mongolia - Live Panel

Revelations have come to light that $12.9B worth of Mongolian coal has been stolen by government officials. The Mongolian people have taken to the streets in protest, storming Government Palace in Ulaanbaatar, and the future for the current administration now looks uncertain.

How will this impact Mongolia going forward, will the corruption finally be brought to an end, and how are Moscow and Beijing reacting to the protests? We ask our expert panel.


Julian Dierkes

  • Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (SPPGA) and Coordinator, Program on Inner Asia, at the University of British Columbia

  • Dierkes research focuses include democratisation and political development in Mongolia and mining policy, especially in Mongolia

  • He also regularly contributes strategic analysis of contemporary Mongolian politics, resources, and society at Mongolia Focus

  • You can find him on Twitter: @jdierkes

Anand Tumurtogoo

  • Freelance journalist based in Mongolia.

  • His work has appeared in Foreign Policy, Pro Publica, Reuters, bne IntelliNews and many other outlets.

  • You can find him on Twitter: @AnandDairtan

Facilitated by Michael Hilliard

This panel discussion was originally recorded on 19 December 2022.



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