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Flashpoint Pakistan: A Worsening Crisis - Twitter Space Panel

In the middle of the country's worst floods and the political turmoil in Islamabad, Pakistan is approaching a crucial crossroads. The people of Pakistan will soon decide whether to push Imran Khan and his party from politics permanently or to embrace change in the nation's political orientation.


Michael Kugelman

  • Deputy Director of the Asia Program and Senior Associate for South Asia at the Wilson Center

  • A leading specialist on Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan and their relations with the United States.

  • You can find him on Twitter: @MichaelKugelman

Sahar Kkan

  • Research Fellow in the Cato Institute’s Defense and Foreign Policy Department.

  • Her research interests include state‐​sponsored militancy/​terrorism, counterterrorism policies, anti‐​terrorism legal regimes, and private military and security contractors. She focuses on US foreign policy in South Asia and Africa.

  • You can find her on Twitter: @khansahar1

Derek Henry Flood

  • Derek Henry Flood is an independent editor, writer, photojournalist and blogger (The War Diaries)

  • His focus is primarily on Middle Eastern, Central and South Asian affairs and issues concerning modern political Islam

  • You can find him on Twitter: @derekhenryflood

Fereeha M Idrees

  • Journalist and Anchor for GNN

  • You can find her on Twitter: @Fereeha

Michael Hilliard

Facilitated by Francis Leach

  • Head of Breaking News for The Red Line

  • You can find him on Twitter: @SaintFrankly

This space was originally recorded on 26 August 2022.



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