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Bolsanaro Supporters Storm the Congress - Live Panel

We just witnessed a number of protesters storm the Brazilian capital in an event eerily similar to one seen in Washington DC in 2021, but seemingly not much was changed in the grand scheme of things. Lula is still in power, the election was not overturned, and the military didn't come to the aid of the protesters.

Despite this, big decisions remain; should Bolsanaro be punished for this, will the US extradite him from Florida, were the security services aware of this, and will this become a common event in Brazilian politics? We ask our expert panel.


Chris Sabatini

  • Senior Research Fellow for Latin America, US and the Americas Programme at Chatham House

  • Founder of Americas Quarterly

  • Serves on Harvard University’s LASPAU, the Advisory Committee for Human Rights Watch’s Americas Division and of the Inter-American Foundation.

  • You can find him on Twitter: @ChrisSabatini

Bruna Santos

  • Senior Advisor at the Brazil Institute

  • Former Vice-President and Innovation Director at the National School of Public Administration in Brazil

  • You can find her on Twitter: @hourly_radio

Facilitated by Francis Leach

  • Head of Breaking News for The Red Line

  • You can find him on Twitter: @SaintFrankly

This panel discussion was originally recorded on 10 January 2023.



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