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The Siloviki: Putin's Inner Circle - (Patreon Exclusive)



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(Placement map of each individual's perceived proximity to Putin)


Individuals Profiled, and analysed in this workshop:

- Vladimir Putin: President of Russia - Alexander Bortnikov: Director of the FSB - Alexsey Dyumin: Aide to the President - Anatoly Sobchak: Fmr Mayor or St Petersburg - Andrey Belousov: Minister of Defence - Dmitry Medvedev: Dep. Chair of the Security Council - Dmitry Patrushev: Deputy Prime Minister of Russia

- Dmitry Peskov: Press Secretary of the President - Elvira Nabiullina: Governor of the Central Bank - Igor Girkin: Fmr Minister of Defence for the DPR - Igor Sechin: CEO of Rosneft - Mikhail Mishustin: Prime Minister of Russia - Nikolai Patrushev: Aide to the President - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow: Patriarch of Moscow - Ramzan Kadyrov: Head of the Chechen Republic - Sergei Korolev: Dep. Director of the FSB - Sergei Kiriyenko: Dep. Chief of Staff to the Presidential Adminstration - Sergei Lavrov: Foreign Minister - Sergei Naryushkin: Director of the SVR - Sergei Shoigu: Secretary of the National Security Council - Valery Gerasimov: Chief of the General Staff - Valentina Matviyenko: Chairwoman of the Federation Council - Victor Zolotov: Head of the National Guard - Yevgeny Prighozhin: Missile Procurement Expert - Vyacheslav Volodin: Chairman of the State Duma - Yuri Kovalchuk: Entrepreneur


Originally Streamed on May 25th, 2024



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