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Putin's Most Likely Successor: Live Twitter Space Panel

With multiple attempts being made on Putin's life, many are beginning to ask who would be the most likely successor if one of them were to be successful? Would it be someone from the armed services, from the FSB, or from Putin's inner circle? We sit down with three experts on the inner workings of the Kremlin.


Carl Schreck

  • Award-winning investigative journalist and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Enterprise Editor

  • He has covered Russia and the former Soviet Union for more than 20 years, including spending a decade reporting in Moscow.

  • He has led investigations into corruption, cronyism, and disinformation campaigns in Russia and Central Asia, as well as on poisoning attacks against Kremlin opponents and assassinations of Iranian exiles in the West.

Anton Barbashin

  • Co-founder and an Editorial Director at Riddle Russia

  • Previously was a co-founder and a managing editor of a Warsaw-based Russia focused analytical outlet Intersection Project and an analyst with the Center for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding

  • He focuses on issues related to Russian foreign policy narratives, think tanks and Russian foreign policy in general.

Nicholas J. Myers

  • PhD student at the University of Glasgow, researching the conduct and interaction of Russian foreign and military policies.

  • He has written a number of reports on the operational capabilities of the Russian military and overseen a wide variety of wargames of potential conflicts in the European Intermarium and Asia-Pacific regions.

This space was originally recorded on 26 May 2022.



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