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Putin's Aims in Ukraine: Live Twitter Space Panel

With the invasion of Ukraine many people are asking why Putin would push Russia into this position, and what will likely come next for the conflict? We assembled an expert panel to discuss the conflict.


Steven Pifer

  • Senior Non-Resident Fellow for the Brookings Institute specialising in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus

  • Served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau for European and Eurasian Affairs

  • Former US ambassador to Ukraine, and Special Assistant to the President

  • Senior Director for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasian National Security

Jeffrey Edmonds

  • Expert on Russia and Asia for CNA

  • Former Director for Russia on the US National Security Council

  • Former Acting Senior Director for Russia during the Obama Administration

  • Former Military Analyst for the CIA covering Eurasian Militaries

James Ker Lindsay

  • Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics, focusing on conflict, peace and security in South-East Europe (Western Balkans, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus), European Union enlargement and secession and recognition in international politics.

  • Author of an extensive list of publications, including over a dozen authored or edited books and more than 70 articles and book chapters.

This space was originally recorded on the 28th of February


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