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Executive Briefing: Indonesia: The Balance of Power in Asia

Indonesia is at the heart of global geopolitical competition, being Southeast Asia's largest economy and most populous state. Their rapid development is putting them on track to hold the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific, yet the United States has focused very little on improving bilateral relations, increasing trade, or expanding military ties. Ireland, with its 5 million people, trades more with the US than Indonesia, with its 270 million.

We analyse the challenges Indonesia must overcome to fulfil its potential, and the importance it holds for the region and wider geopolitical interests in the Indo-Pacific.

Listen to the full original episode here:

On the panel for this episode was:

Kyle Springer (US Asia Centre)

Natalie Sambhi (Verve Research)

Gordon Flake (US Asia Centre)


Animated by Marisa Rafter

Voiced by Michael Hilliard

Written by Michael Hilliard and Owen Swift

Concept Art by Marisa Rafter


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