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Episode 21. The Libyan Civil War II (The Tide Turns)

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When we covered the Libyan Civil War in February it looked like Haftar was about to be victorious, shelling the very gates of his enemies capital in Tripoli; but 5 months can make all of the difference. The GNA has turned the tide and now Haftar is on the run and held up in the fortress city of Sirte, taking the city though may mean Turkey and Russia escalating to all-out war.



Jalel Harchaoui

  • Clingendael Institute

Frederic Wehrey

  • Carnegie Centre

Jonathon Winer

  • Former Assistant Secretary of State for the USA


The Red Line's Libya Reading List:

We’ve put together some further reading for those of you looking for more resources to help you get across the geopolitics of the Libyan Civil War.




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