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Episode 10. Foreign Aid (Australia's Pacific Strategy)

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Foreign aid is one of the most misunderstood parts of any nations budget, why would a country give money to another country when they have hungry people at home? What people may not realise is that that 0.22% of your budget may be the only thing standing between you and your enemy setting up its armed forces in your backyard.


Matt McDonald

  • Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland

Dr. Tess Newton Cain

  • Project Lead for the Pacific Hub at Griffith Asia Institute

  • Adjunct Associate Professor at the Griffith Asia Institute

Dr. William Clapton

  • Lecturer in International Relations at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia

The Red Line's Foreign Aid Reading List:

We’ve put together some further reading for those of you looking for more resources to help you get across the geopolitics of Foreign Aid, particularly concering Australia and the Pacific.



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