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Episode 09. The Consequences of War with Iran

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Every month we seem to escalate the tensions with Iran, drawing Iran and the West closer and closer into large scale conflict. One that would likely drag in the rest of the nations in the Middle-East and then crash the world economy. This week we sit down with 4 expert witnesses to go through exactly how difficult an invasion of Iran will be, and what risks we would be taking on to do so.



Hilal Khashan

  • Professor of Political Science at the American University of Beirut

  • Author of the book Hezbollah: A Mission to Nowhere

Hrvoje Moric

  • Educator at the Nazerbayev School in Kazakhstan

  • Host of the Geopolitics podcast Geopolitics and Empire

Jeffrey Meiser

  • Professor of Politics and International Relations at the University of Portland

  • Former Professor of the National Defence University

  • Author of the book Power and Restraint

Raphael Cohen

  • Associate Director of Strategy and Doctrine for the United States Airforce for the RAND Corporation


The Red Line's Iran Reading List:

We’ve put together some further reading for those of you looking for more resources to help you get across the geopolitics of Iran.




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