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BRICS Expansion: What it means for Global Geopolitics? - Live Panel

The augmentation of BRICS, with the inclusion of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and Argentina, marks a significant pivot in global geopolitics. As the consortium swells with these diverse economies, the repercussions on global financial architectures become palpable. Should the traditional power players reassess their strategic positions, or is it a fleeting reshuffle in the grand chessboard of international relations? What implications will this move hold for global finance and trade? We probe deeper with insights from our panel of experts.

Guests: Maximilian Hess (FPRI)

  • A Political Risk & Geopolitical Advisor and Fellow at the Foriegn Policy Research Institute

  • Fellow at the Insternational Institute of Strategic Studies

  • Author of "Economic War"

  • Max can be found on the Twitter Handle @zakavkaza

Rachel Ziemba (CNAS)

  • Macroeconomics Strategist for Centre for New American Security.

  • Trade Specialist for Horizon Engage

  • Rachel can be found on the Twitter handle @reziemba

Genevieve Donnellon-May (Asia Society)

  • Researcher at the Asia Society

  • Asia-Pacific Desk at The Red Line

  • 2023 Pacific Forum Young Leader

  • Genevieve can be found on the Twitter handle @GenevieveDonn

Facilitated by Michael Hilliard

This panel discussion was originally recorded on 29 August 2023



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