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Beijing's Influence in ASEAN Media - Live Panel

Chinese influence in ASEAN's media has been increasing in recent years, driven by China's growing economic and political clout in the region. This influence is evident in the increased presence of Chinese state-owned media outlets in ASEAN countries, as well as the increasing use of Chinese language media by ASEAN nations to reach Chinese audiences. But what does all of this mean, and will this playbook also have the ability to influence in Western countries as well? We sit down with a panel of experts to find out:


Joshua Kurlantzick

  • Senior Fellow for Southeast Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations

  • Previously a Visiting Scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

  • Author of Beijing's Global Media Offensive: China's Uneven Campaign to Influence Asia and the World

  • You can find her on Twitter: @JoshKurlantzick

Raffaello Pantucci

  • Senior Associate Fellow of RUSI

  • Senior Fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • Author of Sinostan: China's Inadvertent Empire

  • You can find him on Twitter: @raffpantucci

Joanna Chiu

  • Journalist for the Toronto Star, covering national and international news

  • Former correspondent based in Hong Kong and Beijing, and a regular expert commentator on regional issues for international broadcast media

  • Chair of the not-for-profit NüVoices network to support women and minorities in China-related fields

  • You can find her on Twitter: @joannachiu

Facilitated by Michael Hilliard

This panel discussion was originally recorded on 27 March 2023.



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