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Geopolitical Analyst and Writer

15th of November 2022

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The Red Line is a geopolitical think tank producing news and analysis on various international topics, as well as producing The Red Line Podcast (, a deep dive geopolitics show focusing on key issues shaping global news.


The show is currently one of the most-streamed political programs in the field with 2.2 Million streams per month, and is growing rapidly. In addition to the show, the organisation also runs events, live panel discussions, provides industry analysis, and publishes written articles on a broad range of international security topics.


After a record year for our published content, The Red Line is excited to announce the creation of Six new desk positions to provide expert analysis and coverage of the geopolitical situation across the globe.


We are recruiting for the following desk positions:


  • North, Central and South America Desk

  • Africa Desk

  • Europe Desk

  • Russia and Eurasia Desk

  • Middle East Desk

  • Asia Pacific Desk


Each geo-desk correspondent would have the following responsibilities:


  • Helping to write breaking geopolitical stories

  • Assisting in the creation of video materials for the program's social media

  • Working with the team to chase stories and meet with industry contacts

  • Being a part of the show's content creation team.

  • Attending confidential briefings, and producing reports.


You will be joining a team of 15+ volunteer staff from around the world, and you will have access to high-level experts, secure briefs, and guests including ambassadors and journalists.


We are looking for someone with good familiarity with global geopolitics, speciality knowledge of their relevant geographical area, a passion for reporting and content creation, excellent communication skills, and enthusiasm for working as part of a team of volunteers. A relevant qualification and/or language skills are a bonus, but demonstrated practical experience and enthusiasm for the position is the most important factor.


Working times in these positions are very flexible; our very global team means that operating from any time zone is workable. The role would be a commitment of around 4-6 hours a week and a minimum output of one relevant article per month, but this can also be spread out across multiple days.


To apply, please email ( with the subject The Red Line - (Your Area of Expertise) Desk Role, along with your resume and a 200-300 word introduction and expression of interest in the body of the email.


We will be organising interviews within the next fortnight or so.


Thanks for taking the time to read this opportunity. Hopefully, we can bring you onto the show’s team during our biggest-ever period of exponential growth as part of a fun, dynamic and driven team of geopolitics nerds.


I look forward to reading your application.



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