War in the Arctic (Russia's Hypersonic Missile Program)
April 6th 2020

The coldest battlefield in the world is opening up, and old regional rivalries are beginning to flare. This is moving trade routes from the US's backyard toward the Russians. A battle is about to begin for the far North, but only one side is really prepared. Russia is rolling out Arctic divisions, new bases and groundbreaking new missiles which threaten the US naval dominance across the world's oceans. Are these new missiles going to make carriers obsolete or are they just the next step in the rapidly changing landscape? We pose this question to our panel of experts. This weeks experts 
Marlene Laurelle
(Institute of European Studies)
Stephanie Pezard
(RAND Corporation)
Paul Josephson
(Colby College)
Rob Huebert
(University of Calgery)